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I was told by my nephrologist that I would have to start dialysis in about
three to six months. In between that time I developed gout in my right foot.
I took part in Dr. Chornes program and within 18 days my gout went away
and has not returned and I’ve had no need of dialysis or to have my kidneys
replaced. His system works very well, if it had not been for him I would be
sitting in some dialysis center, but thank to him, I’m not.
I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and I told my mother about this
and she sent me some stuff through Dr. Chornes indicating that it could help me
with my rheumatoid arthritis. About a month and a half later, I really didn’t notice
but my husband said to me, did you realize that you got out of bed without
any assistance? He would have to help me to walk. I’m now able to walk on
my own and I don’t feel the pain in the morning or the tenseness in my muscles.
God has blessed me to get back to my life.
I started using the diabetic tincture and noticed in about a week and a half
my blood sugar lowered and become stable. In about a month after taking the diabetes
formula, I had my scheduled doctors visit in which he had my blood tested.
After review of my labs, my doctor declared me none diabetic and took me
off my Metformin.

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